Interview With Keith Frazier

March 5th, 2010 by Carmen Dukes | Filed under Interviews.

Keith Frazier

Keith Frazier,  currently manages a K -5 New York City test prep program at under performing schools.  While his program is specifically focused on helping students improve their math and literacy skills, we wanted to interview him to gain insight on working with NYC public schools.

Keith was really interested in how we position our programs to potential schools. He suggested partnering with  school PTAs to  get parents involved immediately, ultimately allowing them to become advocates for the program.

Researching current New York State Department of Education curriculum requirements was also one of his suggestions.  Even though our program is about design, he felt that if we can relate the specifics of our program to state required education guidelines,  it will help demonstrate the value of our program to administrators and others who may find the design concepts we want to teach abstract.

Ultimately, Keith told us to keep this in mind as we develop the program: Make the program relevant to all involved and people will be excited and interested in participating.

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