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Student Profile: Dominique

November 3rd, 2010 by Katie Koch | No Comments | Filed in students

We interviewed one of our awesome students about her experience in Project: Interaction.


9th Grade – Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women
from Canarsie, NY
What’s one thing you’ve learned in Project: Interaction?
That they deal with a lot of design, and creativity.

How can you use the knowledge you’re gaining in Project: Interaction in another class, or in the work you do outside of class?
I’m starting this architecture thing in Atlantic Mall and I could use the info to help me be more creative when I’m thinking about designs for the building.

What’s your favorite part of Project: Interaction?
To work in groups. To sit around, and work together and be creative.

What do you tell your friends about Project: Interaction?
If my mom asks, I tell her what we did that day and show her some of my drawings that I did in the sketchbook you gave us.

Do you have a story about a project or sketch you made recently?
Um, I don’t think I made anything creative this week… Wait! During the Halloween dance on Friday I created most of the decorations, like cutout bats. But they didn’t like the bat I made. I didn’t like it either. Cause I didn’t know how to really cut it. I made one spider and hung it up. I tried to make a spider using the scrap pieces from the bats, like those ridges from the underside of the wings, I decided to turn those into legs. And I made witches hats, like green and black witches hats, and I made a long broomstick that I didn’t get to put up.

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