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“I have so many questions!”

November 15th, 2011 by Katie Koch | No Comments | Filed in Discovery, Teaching

In our second week of class we asked our students to begin user research for the website we will create. We wanted to teach them the importance of both on-site observation and individual interviews and asked Odette Nemes, Project GROW coordinator, to visit our class as our first interviewee.

The girls prepared a list of questions for Odette, carefully considering how her testimonial might help them in their quest to design the program’s website.

  • What is Project GROW?
  • How did it start?
  • Who are the “users”?
  • What does Ms. Odette do?
  • Who else works here?
  • How do you apply? How do you get picked?
  • Why did you start this?
  • What information does a site need? Is there a site today?

A short clip from our session with Odette:

After our interview, Abby and I broke the girls into two groups to go and observe some of the after school classes in action.

Abby’s group was disappointed to find they weren’t welcome in some of the classes where they tried to observe. It’s a great lesson for a young designer to learn that outside observers are not always welcome, even if they have worthy intentions.

From their interview with Odette, the students realized the vast selection available to them as students in Project GROW. We wanted to get a good sampling of the classes and observed soccer practice, a science lab class, a self esteem course and a dance class. The students were eager to take a lot of photos and video of each class. They were focused observers, with a sense of importance for the duty of observing and capturing each class.

At the end of class we asked each girl to capture their observations with a drawing. They drew a variety of stories and experiences, told from many different perspectives. At the end the girls were quite happy to share what they had learned!

At the end of our session, they all asked that we do more interviews following the observation. “It’s good that we got to watch everyone, but now I want to talk to them! I have so many questions to ask!”

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Project: Interaction in the Daily News

January 6th, 2011 by Katie Koch | No Comments | Filed in Business

Happy New Year! (a few days late…)

We’ve been buried under mounds of snow here in NYC, and Carmen and I have thoroughly enjoyed our extended winter break with trips to ski and to visit family.

In December we had a bit of exciting news when our story was published in the NY Daily News under the headline, Interactive designing duo is plugged into teaching. Please have a look!

Katie Koch and Carmen Dukes

Katie Koch (l.) and Carmen Dukes have parlayed their professional interest in interactive design. Read more:

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Student Profile: Dominique

November 3rd, 2010 by Katie Koch | No Comments | Filed in students

We interviewed one of our awesome students about her experience in Project: Interaction.


9th Grade – Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women
from Canarsie, NY
What’s one thing you’ve learned in Project: Interaction?
That they deal with a lot of design, and creativity.

How can you use the knowledge you’re gaining in Project: Interaction in another class, or in the work you do outside of class?
I’m starting this architecture thing in Atlantic Mall and I could use the info to help me be more creative when I’m thinking about designs for the building.

What’s your favorite part of Project: Interaction?
To work in groups. To sit around, and work together and be creative.

What do you tell your friends about Project: Interaction?
If my mom asks, I tell her what we did that day and show her some of my drawings that I did in the sketchbook you gave us.

Do you have a story about a project or sketch you made recently?
Um, I don’t think I made anything creative this week… Wait! During the Halloween dance on Friday I created most of the decorations, like cutout bats. But they didn’t like the bat I made. I didn’t like it either. Cause I didn’t know how to really cut it. I made one spider and hung it up. I tried to make a spider using the scrap pieces from the bats, like those ridges from the underside of the wings, I decided to turn those into legs. And I made witches hats, like green and black witches hats, and I made a long broomstick that I didn’t get to put up.

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“Get things out of your head and into someone else’s.”

September 22nd, 2010 by Katie Koch | 2 Comments | Filed in Interviews, Videos

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Santa Maria a few weeks ago to get his thoughts on the topic of design education. I wanted to find out about his experiences taking on his latest role as a designer / educator / mentor, including how he defines what it means to be a teacher.

Project: Interaction Interviews Jason Santa Maria from Project: Interaction on Vimeo.

Hey friends! Only 21 days left for our Kickstarter Campaign! Our goal is to raise $7,500 for our students! Please support our program with a donation or spread the news to your networks! Thanks for your support!

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Project: Interaction Interviews Liz Danzico

July 13th, 2010 by Carmen Dukes | No Comments | Filed in Interviews, Videos

Last week, I had the pleasure to interview Liz Danzico, our chair of the MFA Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts. Liz and I talked about how designers can “teach” without being confined to the classroom, how designers and educators can work together, and her hope for design education in the future.

Project: Interaction Interviews Liz Danzico from Project: Interaction on Vimeo.

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