The Project: Interaction Workshop

Our goal is that students will walk away from the workshop with the understanding that everything around them is designed and that it’s not that difficult to start designing things too.

The three hour workshop will focus on three areas critical to understanding the design practice:

    What is design?

    To introduce students to design as a career practice. Develop an understanding of how other
    subjects – specifically art, math, and science – influence design.

    Brainstorming Techniques

    To relate what students already know about brainstorming to the process of ideation as a
    thinking tool in interaction design.

    Observation Techniques

    To help students understand the concept and importance of user-centered design and how
    a person or product’s environment shapes and influences design solutions.

The format of the workshop is designed to introduce students to the design process by discussing concrete examples of design in their everyday environments and performing hands-on activities to understand concepts.

    Part 1
    What is design?
    Introduction and discussion of themes

    Part 2
    Brainstorming activity
    Brainstorm ideas around one topic relating to the community

    Part 3
    Observation activity
    Choose a hypothesis from brainstorming and research by observing

    Part 4
    Discuss what we observed and what we learned that was different from what we expected. How can we use this technique in other classes or situations?

    Part 5
    Ideation and prototyping
    Make something out of your observations that helps to tell the story.

    Part 6
    Tell the story of your idea
    Present your story to the class.

Download a PDF of The Project: Interaction Workshop